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Date:      Tue, 17 Apr 2018 13:25:43 +0100
From:      Dave B <>
Subject:   Re: freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 723, Issue 2
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On 17/04/18 13:00, wrote:
> Subject:
> ntfs HD with io errors
> From:
> Ernie Luzar <>
> Date:
> 16/04/18 15:07
> To:
> "" <>
> Have a 3TB ntfs HD with i/o errors.
> ntfs-3g does read it, but a ls command of 2 different directories get
> error msg about i/o errors and nothing is listed.
> Is there a way to fsck this HD to fix it?
> There is only 600GB of data on the 3TB HD. Looking for way to copy the
> data to a 1TB ufs HD.
> What will dump command do with i/o errors?
> Can dd command skip over unused space?
> Any other ideas?

Check the power supply, for stability, voltage level, noise etc.
(especially if the errors have a some randomness about them.)

I've missed a few exchanges on this thread, but what (if known) happened
to the drive immediately before the trouble started?  Or, between it's
last known good state, and the state it's in now.   ANY unscheduled

Is it making any "unusual" sounds, frequent servo resets, squealing or
ticking noises.  Does it vibrate?  (They all do to an extent) but if
it's significant, like you can feel it when holding it in your hand
while it is spinning, the drive may have been dropped and a platter has
moved off centre on the spindle.  I've a portable NAS drive that's
happened to, it runs hotter as a result of the extra work the servo has
to do to track the off centre cylinders!.

Try it in different positions, laying flat, vertical etc, at an angle
all orientations.   But don't move it while it is spinning.

If the errors seem to be getting more and more frequent, it may be on
the verge of dying anyway.

I'd still go for the Spinrite option.  If it works, great, read the
contents and pension off the drive for a new one (but Spinrite that
before use!)  If it doesn’t help, contact GRC it is likely they will
refund you, I know of someone personally who had that happen.


Dave B.

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