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Date:      Sun, 9 Nov 2014 20:38:40 -0700
From:      Martin Paredes <>
Subject:   Re: Static routing
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El Thu, 06 Nov 2014 19:24:35 -0200
"Dante F. B. Col=F2" <> escribi=F3:
> Hello everyone
> I'm trying to setup some static routes on a freebsd  box for some
> public addresses , the machine has two ethernet cards *em0 *and *em1
> ***, *em0* is attached to a Cisco internet router and *em1* is
> connected to a switch, both interfaces have  public addresses of the
> same range ,

What you mean with "the same range", same subnet?

> *em1 *appears has absolutely no communication  ,  i took
> a look at the static routes and there is a route for the subnet that
> it goes to *em0* , i'm trying to add a static route for the ip
> address pointing to the***em1* without pass gateway using *-iface*
> parameter but always returns "Network unreachble",

ip address does not point to interfaces, interfaces has ip address

a route always need a network and an interface (you are omitting the

> someone can help
> me or give some tips to fix this ? for many here this is probably a
> nooby question, we also have some firewall Linux boxes that i'm gonna
> migrate to freebsd (also trying on openbsd with the same problem) but
> first i have to solve this.
> Best Regards
> Dante F. B. Col=F2

What I image after reading your mail, is something like this

 | Cisco |
       |if: x.x.x.x/?
     | FreeBSD |
 | Switch |

But having 2 ip address of the same subnet, make no sense to me

you need to put more information (ip addresses)

The handbook part about statics routes

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