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Date:      Mon, 30 Sep 1996 15:51:14 +0300 (MSK)
From:      "Maxim G. Shishaev" <>
Subject:   ? :(
Message-ID:  <>

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Help, anybody!
We have following net configuration:

     ͺ””””””””””””””””””   ͺ””””””””””””””””””   ͺ”””””””””””””
     ƒFreeBSD 2.1.5     ƒ   ƒNetWare server    ƒ   ƒ   DOS       ƒ
     ƒ                  ƒ   ƒwith TCPIP loaded ƒ   ƒWorkstation  ƒ
     ƒ                  ƒ   ƒ                  ƒ   ƒ             ƒ
     ƒ    ne2000        ƒ   ƒ                  ƒ   ƒ             ƒ
     ””””””””’”””””””””©   ””””””””’”””””””””©   ””””””’””””””© Thin Ethernet
         net mask =

And have problems with IP communications. We load tcp software on DOS
WS (TCP for DOS from LAN Workplace package).

Then we trying ping to NetWare server ( - OK.
But when we try ping to FBSD - communication failed.
Ping from FBSD to NW server - failed to.
Ping to local host ( don't generate any problem.

        Computer with FBSD have DOS partition. And when we run DOS
we communicate with NetWare server (through IPX) without any problems.
So, we concludes that problem not in hardware. ?:(

        I'm not specialist in UNIX, I'm specializing in NetWare
technologies, and at second step I ran LANAlyzer for Windows on DOS WS
and captured packet during ping from BSD to NetWare.
        I'v seen that only two packets goes through segment:
ARP request from BSD and ARP response from NW server. It's all:
ICMP packets don't appears. :(
        Then I look ARP table on BSD and disclosed that entry for didn't added. We have following string:
                                        ? ( at (incomplete)

        What may be wrong? I would glad to see any help.

Excuse my english and long story.
Thanks for help.
Max Shishaev.

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