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Date:      Sun, 5 Feb 95 12:00 EST
From: (Mario Marrano)
Subject:   FreeBSD2.0 Installation "panic" problems
Message-ID:  <>

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>> Hope someone can direct me to the right group, in any 
>case i've 
>> got a problem installing v.2 onto my 486sx25 with 2 
>ide drives,
>> 1 scsi drive and scsi cd-rom. There is also 12mb ram 
>and a vlb 
>> ide controller. I get an error message when booting 
>> boot.flp
>> to the tune:"fd0c:hard error reading fsbn 16 of 16-31 
>> 40<abnrml> st1 4<sec_not_fnd> st2 10<wrong_cyl> cyl0 
>hd0 sec17)
>> panic:cannot mount root
>Are your floppies correctly entered in your BIOS setup 
>? It fails  on sector 16, so i suspect you used a 
>1.44Mb floppy, but your BIOS  thinks the floppy drive 
>is only a 1.2Mb floppy. 1.2Mb drives have  15 sectors, 
>1.44Mb drives 18 sectors.
>	  ATS ( or )
>Andreas Schulz  GMD-FIRST     12489  Berlin-Adlershof  
>Rudower Chaussee 5  Gebaeude 13.7   Tel: 
>+49-30-6392-1856/+49-177-2134745    Germany/Europe

i've confirmed the proper setup of my bios.when i do a 
ctrl-alt-del to reboot after getting the above message,i get 
the following screenful:

Fatal trap 12: pagefault while in kernel mode  fault virtual 
address = 0xefc00000
fault code = supervisor read,page not present  instruction 
pointer = 0x8:0xf01860b0
code segment = base 0x0,limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
             = DPL 0,pres1, def32 1, gran1  processor eflags = 
interrupt enabled,resume,IOPL=0  current process = 0(swapper)
interrupt mask = net tty bio
panic: page fault

my harddrive setup consists of 2 ide drives(c:,d:) and 1 scsi 
drive(e: which is 1gb in size). i would like to partition d: 
2  and install bsd in one partition and os/2 warp in the other. 
 it is my first taste of unix but i'm experienced with os/2, 
please help any way you can. thanks. 

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