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Date:      Tue, 12 Apr 2011 13:52:12 +0000
From:      "Scheller, Roland" <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   FreeBSD 8.2 (i386) does not install under Hyper-V
Message-ID:  <19F25FB5A339AD4FB482F52B7291F3111F79C1@ICG-EXCH01.icg-online.loc>

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I'm facing issues with installing and updating of FreeBSD 8.2 (i386) under =
Hyper-V (Windows Server 2008, Service Pack 2):

1. Update Freebsd 8.0 (i386) -> 8.2 under Hyper-V (via cvsup)

FreeBSD 8.0 is running fine under Hyper-V on this system since a long time.=
 I had no issues at the time when I installed it. Now I tried to update it =
to a more recent version:

No issues with "make buildworld", "make buildkernel", but after "make insta=
llkernel" the VM does not boot any longer. Instead the following error mess=
age is displayed: "freebsd unsopported version Elf_Ve=

2. Then I tried to install FreeBSD 8.2 into a new VM (via ISO image)

I received several error messages during the installation, several packages=
 can't be installed: "Add of Package xx aborted, error code 0".

Debug Screen:

ldconfig: warning: /usr/local/Lib: No such file or directory

pkg_add: could' t remove temporary dir '/var/tmp/instmp.y3gyg8'

pkg_add: leave_playpen: can' chdir back to ''

pid 72 (sh), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped) pid 73 (sh), uid 0: e=
xited on signal 11 (core dumped) ...

(several similiar lines with "core dumped" follow.)

Eventually the installation abends with: "Could'nt extract the following di=
stributions. This may be because they were not available on the installatio=
n media you've chosen:" (A lot of packages are



"Cannot dump. Device not defined or unavailable. Automatic reboot in 15 sec=
onds - press a key on the console to abort"

After the restart the bootloader displays several error messages with dump =
info and then stops with "BTX halted".

I did validate the MD5 sum of the image.

Another attempt to use VHD as SCSI disk failed as well -> the drive is not =
recognized (No Disks Found!)

Then I tested the installation of FreeBSD 8.2 (same image) on my desktop un=
der Virtualbox (Windows 7) successfully. This did work without issues. Unfo=
rtunately this does not help with my Windows Server 2008.

Is this a known issue?



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