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Date:      Thu, 29 Dec 2005 22:42:48 +0100
From:      "Ruben Bloemgarten" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   sendmail-submit and envelope-from 
Message-ID:  <!~!>

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Hi all, 


I hope someone could help me out with the following :


On 5.4 I'm running a few jails, one of which is running the mail::toaster
incarnation of qmail. All is well. From another jail I want to use a php
script to generate mailings rewriting the envelope-from:



mail('', 'test', 'hello world!', 'From:

someonelse@elsewhere.something') or die('error'); ?> 


This does work on a different system, not running on jails with a non ports
compile of qmail (not installed by me).


The main difference here being that on the 'working system', the
mail-sendmail wrapper is used instead of sendmail. So I went and tested the
same script on the qmail jail, which has the same 'problem' as sendmail does
from the other jail. So something seems to have been changed on this setup
to allow this behaviour (I assume having 'From', rewrite both return address
and the envelope-from). I can't for the life of me figure out what.


Oh, and unrelated but also annoying is the submit from the different jails
to the qmail jail is a bit slow. 


Any pointers anyone ?





( I already sent this to isp-freebsd, but I'm guessing questions might also
have some answers)