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Date:      Wed, 23 Feb 2005 10:41:34 -0600
From:      Jacob S <>
Cc:        Ted Mittelstaedt <>
Subject:   Re: Different OS's? Marketshare
Message-ID:  <>
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On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 04:30:35 -0800
"Ted Mittelstaedt" <> wrote:

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> > Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2005 7:49 AM
> > To: List Free Bsd
> > Subject: Different OS's? Marketshare
> >
> >
> > Different OS's? Marketshare...
> >
> > any idea how many major OS's are out there today and what market
> > share they have?
> >
> > i think
> >
> > WIN 70%
> > Lin 20%
> > Apple 5%
> > so who is the other 5 % ???
> >
> > you realze the statisticians and economists hold that 2 percent is
> > the break point...
> >
> Note that Linux is doing much better against these measuring sticks
> because
> the Linux community, for all their loud proclamations about being GPL,
> has been steadily making Linux less and less distinguishable from the
> commercial OSs.  When for example was the last time you saw a Linux
> enthusiast with a burned CDROM of an ISO he downloaded somewhere?  The
> ones I see all have colorful cardboard boxes with penguins on them
> that they bought at Fry's.

You must be looking at a different Linux community than the one I'm
familiar with. I thought boxed sets of Linux had gone out of retail
stores years ago. Well, except maybe for a couple of Redhat choices. I
haven't even had reason to look for them. I'm having too much fun with
downloading versions and upgrading over the internet - yes, for free.

Linspire and Redhat tend to be Windows-like, in hiding their free
releases or not releasing them until the next version comes out, etc.,
but they're generally considered the exception in the Linux community.

Some of our webservers at work are FreeBSD, others are Debian Linux.
Don't shoot me, but I'm still using Debian on my desktop, too. If I had
to start paying for Linux releases and security patches, I would be
using FreeBSD faster than Windoze users can type "format c:". 

I understand there's some competition between FreeBSD and Linux, but
Linux doesn't have to be considered evil just because they're not
FreeBSD fans.


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