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Date:      Fri, 18 May 2007 09:31:56 -0400
From:      Eric Mesa <>
To:        Steve Bertrand <>
Subject:   Re: problems installing freeBSD 6.2 on older comptuer
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Steve Bertrand wrote:
> It's great you resolved it, and now it's archived.
> We've all been there.
That's why I always try to post my resolution to the listserve,
newsgroup, or forum that was helping me out.  I don't want someone to
read along thinking "yes, yes....I have that did they
solve it"  And the click on "next message in thread" in a vain attempt
to find the answer that isn't there.  That's happened to me more than
I care to count.  And it's so frustrating because I wonder if they
figured it out and never told anyone or if they gave up.

Of course, it's much worse for me to read, "Oh, I figured it out" and
no explanation.  I'd rather there be nothing than be left wondering
what kind of magic the user conjured to solve his problem.

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Eric Mesa
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