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Date:      Thu, 21 Dec 2006 22:55:27 -0600
From:      Eric Schuele <>
To:        Jonathan Horne <>
Subject:   Re: i lost some files
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On 12/20/2006 13:22, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> ... but not to worry, my backups are up to date.
> but what im perplexed about is, my file system graph has never taken a hit
> to show the amount of data that i think i lost.  its nearly flatlined!
> now, over the past few days, ive had some trouble with some usb devices
> and system crashes, and my system has forced fsck on my 300GB drive
> several times over the past 7 days or so.  right about now, im noticing a
> single directory missing.  is it remotely possible, that all these
> crashings, and probably some files were open via NFS, that this directory
> has been corrupted to the point where the data might be there, but just
> totally invisible?
> since i figured a full reload on that volume wont hurt me, i wipe it.  df
> -h shows:
> [jhorne@athena ~]$ df -h
> Filesystem     Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
> [snip]
> /dev/ad4s1g    227G    4.0K    209G     0%    /opt
> 209 gigs available, 0% capacity... does that look correct?  i forget how
> big the directory im looking for was, but i might have been about 15 gigs
> or so (eh... maybe not that big... i forget).  either way, the 209 gigs
> has me perplexed for a bit here.  anyone have some insight?

Could this be your 8% above?

... though I guess yours is less than empty.  :)

> thanks,
> jonathan
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