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Date:      Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:49:55 +0100
From:      Anthony Atkielski <>
Subject:   Re: Different OS's? Marketshare
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Jacob S writes:

> You must be looking at a different Linux community than the one I'm
> familiar with. I thought boxed sets of Linux had gone out of retail
> stores years ago.

I bought a copy of Mandrake Linux in a retail store yesterday.  I saw
SuSE in the store, too.  Computer stores have a wider choice.

> I'm having too much fun with downloading versions and upgrading over
> the internet - yes, for free.

That says a lot about the type of user you are.

> Linspire and Redhat tend to be Windows-like, in hiding their free
> releases or not releasing them until the next version comes out, etc.,
> but they're generally considered the exception in the Linux community.

I've looked at a fair number of Linux Web sites over the past few days.
Almost all of them seemed to be trying to sell something.  It was often
extremely hard to find links pointing to downloadable free versions of

> I understand there's some competition between FreeBSD and Linux, but
> Linux doesn't have to be considered evil just because they're not
> FreeBSD fans.

It's not evil to sell software.  But it's not free software, either.


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