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Date:      Sat, 11 Aug 2007 09:06:37 +0300
From:      Manolis Kiagias <>
To:        Richard Tobin <>
Subject:   Re: Easy switch to xorg 7.2?
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Richard Tobin wrote:
> I just did a 6.2-RELEASE install, only to find when I tried to install
> some packages from stable that everything has switched to Xorg 7.2.
> Can I just pkg_delete all the old xorg* packages and then pkg_add the
> new ones?  Is "pkg_add -r xorg" all I need?
> -- Richard
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I have successfully installed xorg 7.2 in a couple of new installations
with minimum fuss. You can do it either from ports or packages. If you
are running the i386 version of FreeBSD, there are ready packages in
STABLE. There weren't any for amd64 and had to build them from ports.
The procedure was very similar however. I will try to outline my steps here:

- Install FreeBSD with options of your choice. Do NOT install the Xorg
packages. Even better, do not install any packages from the CD, not even
bash. The reason for this is the gettext library was updated, it is
needed by many ports you will end up recompiling a lot of stuff you
would just install on a new system.

- Update your ports tree using csup.

- Install bash from ports now if you wish. You will get the updated
gettext. Installing a few other small ports like screen and sudo will
not hurt either at this point.

- Set the environment variable to get packages from stable:


(for bash shells)



(for csh)

- Read /usr/ports/UPDATING. There are some instructions for xorg 7.2,
but since you have not installed any previous version the ones that
actually apply are:

depending on you shell, either:

export XORG_UPGRADE=yes 




pkg_add -r xorg

Note: You can also set PACKAGESITE so that it ends in /All/ instead of
/Latest/. In this case you would do a pkg_add -r xorg-7.2
If you are using the amd64 port of FreeBSD you may not find ready
packages (At least there were not any when I installed). Just go to
/usr/ports/x11/xorg and make install clean. It will take a little more
time, the end result is the same.

Run the mergebase script per instructions. It won't do much,  since you
are not really "upgrading" but do it anyway:

sh /usr/ports/Tools/scripts/

You are done! Configure X the usual way ( X -configure etc) and install
you favourite window manager / Desktop environment from ports or packages.

As I've said, I've used this procedure on a couple of machines and had
absolutely no problem at all. It seems the trick is to set the
XORG_UPGRADE variable even though you are not really upgrading. The
mergebase script is also something to not ommit. It may copy nothing
actually, but it sets some symbolic links.

Hope this helps.

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