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Date:      Thu, 28 Mar 2019 07:43:49 -0400
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Subject:   New Speaker Announced! Creating Active Communities Conference 2019
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The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester=0A=0A2nd May 2019=0A=0A[1]CONFIRMED SPEAKE=
RS=0A=0AAndy Burnham=0A=0A=EF=BB=BFMayor of Manchester=0A=0AGreater Manches=
ter Combined Authority=0A=0AChris Perks=0A=0ARegional Director=0A=0ASport E=
ngland=0A=0AHayley Lever=0A=0AStrategic Manager=0A=0AGM Moving=0A=0AEugene =
Minogue=0A=0ACEO=0A=0AParkour UK=0A=0AAngela Lewis=0A=0A=EF=BB=BFHead of Pr=
ogrammes=0A=0AFields In Trust=0A=0AGeoff Thompson=0A=0AExecutive Chair, MBE=
, FRSA, DL=0A=0AThe Youth Charter=0A=0ACeris Anderson=0A=0AHead Knowledge &=
 Insight=0A=0AStreet Games=0A=0AYvonne Harrison=0A=0AManaging Director=0A=
=0AProject 92=0A=0A[2]CLICK FOR CONFERENCE AGENDA=0A=0AThe Creating Active =
Communities 2019 Conference will take an in-depth look=0Ainto the UK's loca=
l delivery challenge. Our speakers will reveal the=0Auncomfortable truths w=
hich lead to a sedentary lifestyle whilst=0Ahighlighting successful project=
s that are working to increasing activity=0Afor all across our towns and ci=
ties.=0A=0AThe conference will also highlight the =C2=A3100m investment Spo=
rt England have=0Amade into 12 grassroots projects in order to build health=
ier, more active=0Acommunities across England. The Local Delivery Pilots wi=
ll be used to trial=0Anew and innovative solutions that make it easier for =
people in communities=0Ato access sport and physical activity.=0A=0AIn addi=
tion, our many industry partners will be on hand to network and=0Ashare sol=
utions in the areas of;=0A* Health and wellbeing=0A* Parks and open spaces=
=0A* Volunteering=0A* Accessible facilities=0A* Finance and funding=0A* GP =
referrals and social prescribing=0A* Cycling and walking=0A* Community spor=
t and activity=0A=0AThe Creating Active Community Conference is the perfect=
 platform to=0Aexchange plans and ideas whilst informing strategies and adv=
ancing agendas=0Athat promote better health through activity. Our cross sec=
tor audience will=0Aconsist of professionals from central and local governm=
ent, further and=0Ahigher education, NHS, County Sports Partnerships, Natio=
nal Governing=0ABodies, community groups, emergency services, the third sec=
tor and the=0Aprivate sector.=0A=0A[3]HEADLINE SPONSOR=0A=0A[4]=0A=0A=E2=80=
=9CHealthy Places To Be=E2=80=9D =E2=80=93 The worlds cities are growing fa=
st but so are its=0Acitizens.=0A* How we design and construct our environme=
nt is key to controlling=0Adisease, like sanitation and cholera in the 19th=
century todays battle is=0Aagainst obesity and to help preserve our physica=
l and mental health.=0A* Inactivity creates heart disease, diabetes and a m=
yriad of other health=0Aproblems: our lazy lifestyles are hitting back and =
costing us dearly.=0A* The case study will explore through a series of vign=
ette schemes, some=0Aof the ways our everyday spaces can help fight this ba=
ttle and the many=0Abenefits they can bring to society.=0A=0A[5]PARTNER PRE=
SENTATIONS=0A=0A[6]=0A=0A[7]=0A=0A[8]=0A=0A[9]=0A=0A[10]http://www.cspnetwo=[11]=0A=0A[12]=0A=0A[13]=0A=0A[14]REGISTER INTEREST / BUY TICKE=
TS=0A=0ADELEGATE TICKET PRICES=0A=0APublic Sector =C2=A3225=0A=0A3rd Sector=
 =C2=A3175=0A=0APrivate Sector =C2=A3395=0A=0ADiscounts available for multi=
ple bookings=0A=0AFor more information call +44(0)161 464 8688=0A=0AOur par=
tners have an extensive knowledge and an understanding of the short=0Aand l=
ong term challenges facing the sector. All will be on hand with fresh=0Aide=
as, professionalism and a steely determination to make an impact.=0A=0AIf y=
ou wish to submit a case study or be considered to feature on the Why=0ASpo=
rts blog site, please do not hesitate to contact us.=0A=0A[15]Click here to=
 access our blog site=0A=0At:0161 464 8688=0A=0Ae:
=0A[16]TAKE ME TO THE WEBSITE=0A=0AFollow us on social media for more info =
& updates=0A[17]Twitter [18]LinkedIn [19]YouTube=0A=0A[20]=0A=0AReferences=
3. http:///=0A4.
ces/services/land=0A5. http:///=0A6. http://www.s=
. https://groo= http://communities201= https://=
/whysports-event-home=0A17. ht=
tps:// https:/=
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