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Date:      Tue, 3 May 2011 10:15:39 +0200
From:      Nikola =?utf-8?B?UGF2bG92acSH?= <>
To:        Louis Marrero <>
Subject:   Re: For My Edification
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On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 06:47:11PM -0400, Louis Marrero wrote:
> Here are some questions that can help my understanding:
> 1.         I know that Windows is an OS, and Linux/Unix as well as FreeBSD
> are other Operating System.  My very basic question is this: Is it even
> possible to install a second OS, like FreeBSD on an existing Windows-based
> computer?

Others have given you fine answers so I'll just point out something I
think might be a good advice for a Unix novice: if you decide to install
a Linux try to go with one of the more "traditional" distributions (I've
recently read someone call then "time wasters" :)) like Slackware, Arch
Linux or similar.  The reason is they don't encourage you do do stuff
the Windows way (like, for example, Ubuntu does).  If you need to learn
about Unix you'll learn much faster and better in such an environment.
Both Slackware and Arch are BSD styled which is a little unusual in the
Linux land.  Of course, it's probably better to get the real thing and
install one of the BSDs, FreeBSD probably being the sanest choice for a
newcomer because of it's outstanding documentation (The FreeBSD Handbook
is really a clear step-by-step guide to FreeBSD, and doesn't assume any
prior Unix knowledge).

> 2.         Is it possible to link my Windows laptop to a web server with
> Unix or FreeBSD and exercise Unix/Linux commands.  If so, how is that done?

There is a number of servers that offer free shell accounts (a web
server is a different thing) so you can practice and learn even without
installing anything but PuTTY (an SSH client for Windows).  I've never
used any of them so I can't recommend any particular, but you can find a
list of such servers on (it seems there are a
few of them with FreeBSD).

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		-- Tina Turner

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