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Date:      Sat, 11 Aug 2007 13:25:44 +0200 (CEST)
From:      Wojciech Puchar <>
Subject:   ZFS - no thanks!
Message-ID:  <>

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just ended testing.

after having all my data  (test system fortunately) on ZFS including root, 
i lost /boot partition, which was on pendrive to make testing easier.

well - no problem - i've started my normal 6.2 syste, got bootonly CD, 
removed mfsroot, added (as on ZFS system) 
vfs.root.mountfrom="zfs:tank/root", put tu pendrive, bsdlabel -B etc..


it CANNOT mount zfs.

well - i don't have live CD

the only thing left was 7.0 livecd  but amd64 only.

well - i have qemu.

started qemu with this image, added -hda with my ZFS disk, started.

got to fixid, kldload zfs.ko

zfs import - well all's fine

zfs import -f tank

after some time done

tried any command - looks like no libraries. well - probably it 
overmounted / from zfs...

next reboot


zfs import -R /mnt -f tank

and it's waiting forever. doing nothing, both CTRL-C and CTRL-Z doesn't 

it's doing nothing as i see that qemu uses almost no CPU.

"EXCELLENT" filesystem with "excellent" protection of my data!!!!

on the other hand it's faster over UFS on small files but not that faster.
it uses HUGE amount of RAM.

it's set copies=n is a joke.
you have no warranty where are the copies (often on the same disk).
zpool scrub DOES NOT move copies to other disk from the same when other is 
made available!!
raidz can't be expanded

cache flushing CAN NOT be disable for selected device, only for 

my USB-IDE converter make doesn't allow it, but my 2.5" does!
i use USB-IDE converted with disk as a backup. with ZFS it's impossible 
unless i will turn off flushing for everything - losing it's important 

disks based pool (no mirror/raidz) won't start AT ALL with one element 
unattached!!! EVEN if everything has copies>1 !!!

summary: excellent idea turned into pile of s...t

no thanks

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