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Date:      Sun, 13 Dec 1998 19:35:44 +0100
From:      "Martin Husemann" <>
To:        <freebsd-isdn@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: ITK Support
Message-ID:  <000101be26c7$64ed8e30$>
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Markus Döhr wrote:

> Are there any problems with implementing active cards? I read something
> about time critical things long time ago in a Linux list, but I'm not very
> into this stuff...

No, no real problems if (a) the interface to the card is documented, (b) the
interface is reasonable and (c) the card behaves like the docs promise.

The active cards are not driven by the isic driver on layer 1 which
currently handles all ISAC/HSCX and IPAC based cards and the Q921/931
drivers on layer 2 and layer 3, but by their own driver interfacing right
into I4B layer 4. These drivers are usually small (as most stuff is handled
on the card itself) but hard to debug - since most of the magic is handled
on the card itself ;-) You see, we have three of those drivers in the pipe,
for a timeframe between 1/2 year and 1 1/2 year, and none of them is rely
working now (as far as I know).

It's completely impossible to write such a driver without docs (whether i.e.
linux source counts as docs depends heavily on the style and comments of the
linux source).

We would be realy glad to have a driver for some active card distributed
world wide - since this is the easiest way to get I4B working in places
where EDSS1 is not used.


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