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Date:      Thu, 3 Dec 2015 12:56:56 -0500
From:      mfv <>
Subject:   Re: tcsh issue
Message-ID:  <20151203125656.03590261@gecko4>
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> On Thu, 2015-12-03 at 09:22 "William A. Mahaffey III"
> <> wrote:
>I am having a puzzling problem w/ the tcsh shell locating a script
>that I think it should be finding:
>[wam@devbox, TEST, 9:18:10am] 1399 % which beginbg
>beginbg: Command not found.
>[wam@devbox, TEST, 9:18:21am] 1400 % set
>_       which beginbg
>argv    ()
>autolist        ambiguous
>cwd     /home/wam/V8/Cnx/test/junk/cart/unstaggered/bfc/TEST
>cwdcmd  echo -n "^[]2;${HOST}:$cwd^G^[]1;${HOST}^G"
>dirstack (/home/wam/V8/Cnx/test/junk/cart/unstaggered/bfc/TEST 
>dirw    /home/wam/V8/Cnx/test/junk/cart/unstaggered
>echo_style      both
>euid    1110
>euser   wam
>fignore (.o .obj .u)
>gid     1110
>group   unknown
>histdup prev
>history 1000
>home    /home/wam
>killring        30
>mail    /var/mail/wam
>owd /home/wam/V8/Cnx/test/junk/cart/unstaggered/bfc/MSChemistry/chemWAM
>path    (/sbin /bin /usr/sbin /usr/bin /usr/games /usr/local/sbin 
>/usr/local/bin /home/wam/bin)
>prompt  %B%{\e]2\;%n@%m %l %~%#^g\e]1\;%n@%m^g\r%}[%n@%m, %c, %p] ! %%
>%b prompt2 %R?
>prompt3 CORRECT>%R (y|n|e|a)?
>savehist        (300 merge)
>shell   /bin/tcsh
>shlvl   1
>status  0
>tcsh    6.18.01
>term    xterm
>time    (10  whew !!!! that took (%U cpu + %S sys) sec., %E elapsed
>time tot, %P CPU efficiency
>         (%X text, %D data, %M max) KB, (%I+%O) io, %F pfs + %W swaps)
>tty     pts/3
>uid     1110
>user    wam
>version tcsh 6.18.01 (Astron) 2012-02-14 (x86_64-amd-FreeBSD) options 
>[wam@devbox, TEST, 9:18:25am] 1401 % lf /home/wam/bin
>AslashP*              VectorExe.AMD64*      backupSMB* 
>fsplit.fried*         patch2AMD*            rawread* sbg*
>Batch*      * 
>getopt-parse.bash     patch2AMD.lnx*        refreshCFD* sinstCFD*
>BenchMarks.tgz* beginbg* 
>getopt-parse.tcsh     patchIEXEs*           resig* snap-mysql.txt
>BenchmarkDLL.exe      VectorExe.EM64a*      chext*
>grep-pdf patchILIBs*           rinstCFD* sqlitebrowser*
>BenchmarkNew.exe      VectorExe.IA32*       chkdir* 
>grep-pdf-multi        pdfs2ps*              runCELMINT* texi2man*
>GaussExe*             Vector_Exe_Absoft*    clean_rename* 
>grepOUTPUT*           pdfstops*             runchem* tops*
>GaussExe.IA32*        Vector_Exe_G77*       cleanup* 
>*         runit*
>GaussExe~*            Vector_Exe_Intc*      cpuid*
>lock*           saveFiles* updateExes*
>MakeLIB               archive*              dumptz* 
>matt.tgz              psgz2pdf*             saveFiles2*
>SaveSrc*    *        ebg* memZFS*               
>pstotext*             saveFiles3*
>SaveStuff*               fsplit* 
>*  *   savesrc*
>[wam@devbox, TEST, 9:18:38am] 1402 % which beginbg
>beginbg: Command not found.
>[wam@devbox, TEST, 9:18:49am] 1403 % uname -a
>FreeBSD devbox 9.3-RELEASE-p30 FreeBSD 9.3-RELEASE-p30 #0: Mon Nov 2 
>10:11:50 UTC 2015 
> amd64
>[wam@devbox, TEST, 9:19:55am] 1404 %
>i.e. the file 'beginbg' ( a shell script) appears in the file ~/bin 
>(/home/wam/bin) which is in the search path, yet the shell doesn't
>find it .... Pilot error ? TIA for any clues & have a good one.

Hello William,

I'd first check the permission of the script to be certain that it is

Then run "rehash" or logout then log back in.

Cheers ...


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