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Date:      Mon, 30 Jun 1997 09:32:22 -0700
From:      "Tim Oneil" <>
To:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: SCSI Hardware (was: QIC-80 Floppy Tapes)
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At 12:02 PM 6/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Nonetheless, I paid only $100 for this drive about two years ago and
>don't have the money to purchase a SCSI tape, at least not for this
>computer which doesn't even have a SCSI adapter. I thought that there'd
>be others like me and this would generate some interest; obviously I
>was wrong. As I plan to make my next computer all SCSI, can I change
>the subject and ask this: If I were to get computer A instead of computer
>B below, what (approximately) would be the price difference?
>   A                            B
>SCSI 3.1GB HD              EIDE 3.1GB HD
>SCSI CD-ROM                IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM
>SCSI Tape Drive            IDE/ATAPI Tape (do they exist?)
>SCSI CD-R                  non-SCSI equivalent of CD-R
>I heard that a SCSI adapter to manage so many devices at once would
>be around $150, plus the devices themselves will be more expensive. I
>would appreciate any input on this topic.

My fBSD machine is all scsi. In my area I pay about very roughly about
20% or so more for scsi devices, except tape drives, scsi tape drives
are quite a bit more than non-scsi devices for some reason. I don't have
a tape drive on my machine though. Heres the breakdown:

The machine is a 486/133 w/64M ram that I had laying around.

Adaptec Vesa host adapter:        $130
Quantum Fireball 2.1 Gig (on sale) 220
Seagate 1 gig                      180
Teac 4X CDROM                      100
E2000 ethernet adapter              20
All scsi, all working fine. The Seagate and the teac are over a year
old, so the prices, especially the teac, are going to be less. So I
put this box together for under 800 I guess. 2.2.1 installs like a
champ on this setup. Oh yeah, add an old ATI Mach32 video adapter I
had and Xwindows is a snap too.


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