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Date:      Tue, 02 Jan 2007 08:57:12 -0200
From:      "Tobias P. Santos" <>
To:        Ensel Sharon <>
Subject:   Re: lowercase 'm' with dummynet rate limiting ?  Known issue ?
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Ensel Sharon wrote:
> Ahh... so unless I am missing something, it would appear that when you put
> a lowercase-m in place, it is just skipped, and:
> ipfw pipe 1 config bw 10mbit/s
> becomes:
> ipfw pipe 1 config bw 10bit/s
> Does that look like an accurate interpretation of what is happening ?
Looks like. To be sure you should read the source code.

> So here's a follow-up question:
> I now have a (remote) system that is now set to 10bit/s rate limiting
> ... now that is awfully slow, but are there any conceivable tcp/ip
> settings that I could apply on a local system here that would allow me to
> ssh into it ?  As it stands now, I cannot ssh into it - the session times
> out.  Any ideas ?
> All I need to do is login and "ipfw delete ..."  :)
You'll probably have to get console access on this box.
There are some tricks you can use next time. From ipfw man page:

To test a ruleset and disable it and regain control if something goes

       ipfw set disable 18
       ipfw add NN set 18 ...         # repeat as needed
       ipfw set enable 18; echo done; sleep 30 && ipfw set disable 18

Here if everything goes well, you press control-C before the "sleep" ter-
minates, and your ruleset will be left active.  Otherwise, e.g. if you
cannot access your box, the ruleset will be disabled after the sleep ter-
minates thus restoring the previous situation.

Good luck,

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