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Date:      Tue, 07 Feb 1995 20:26:18 +0100 (MET)
From:      Christoph Kukulies <>
To:        orion! (Neal Westfall)
Cc: (user alias)
Subject:   Re: 0202 Snap - How the Heck do you Upgrade
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Neal Westfall" at Feb 5, 95 05:04:57 pm

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> > 
> > > I have asked this question before, but have not recieved any responses.
> > > What is the procedure / method for upgrading to the SNAP release. 
> > > I am currently running 2.0R and would very much like to upgrade to
> > > fix my slip and ppp problems.  Please help.
> > 
> > 1)	SUP the current sources as of the SNAP
> > 2)	Recompile the world.  Especially programs using routing.
> Is there any reason why one could not just extract the bindist?
> (first backing up files in /etc of course)
> Then build a new kernel.  I've just done that several times for these
> snapshots.  Anything to look out for?

It could be that from the moment you have upgraded the binaries and you
still run the old kernel, that some networking utilities don't work anymore
since there were changes in the routing code which may cause a mismatch
between the binaries and the kernel. So be prepared that you are off
the net while you build your new kernel.


--Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies
FreeBSD blues 2.1.0-Development FreeBSD 2.1.0-Development #0: Sat Feb  4
16:57:32  1995     kuku@blues:/usr/src/sys/compile/BLUES  i386

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