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Date:      Thu, 22 Apr 1999 14:28:59 -0700
From:      bmah@CA.Sandia.GOV (Bruce A. Mah)
To:        "David Schwartz" <>
Cc:        "Jason Canon" <>, "Igor Roshchin" <>, stable@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: netstat -r 
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If memory serves me right, "David Schwartz" wrote:

> 	I will repeat, it is an error to use private IPs in any way on
> the global Internet. That includes attempting to resolve them using
> the Internet's DNS system. They are supposed to be quarantined. If
> you choose to use DNS and you choose to use private address space,
> you are supposed to make sure they don't conflict.

Hoping to inject some more Useful Information here...the following
paragraphs regarding are from a
posting by Bill Manning to comp.protocols.dns.bind (Message-Id:

> This was coming from the authoritative servers for the RFC 1918 space
> zones. It has been planned for more than a year.  The data that drove
> the change was the exponental increase in the number of queries that
> these servers receive. This was an indication that firewall and NAT
> designers were becoming "sloppy" and not following the RFC statement
> that these addresses should not appear in the Internet.  It appears
> that besides the "sub-optimal" firewall & NAT implementations, there
> are also other commercial packages that object to authoritative
> replies. :)  This effect was compounded by the terse lable that formed
> the query response.
> And so the servers are (for now) back in the mode of silently discarding
> queries.  I have been told that the lable will be reworked to be
> more informative and that I will receive instructions to re-enable
> authoritative answers soon. (likely a few months out but I don't really
> know when).


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