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Date:      Mon, 30 Sep 1996 09:16:31 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Thomas David Rivers <ponds!>
To:, ponds!!questions
Subject:   Re: sh shell script help needed!
Message-ID:  <>

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> What am I doing wrong here?? (Yes, I know it's me :)
> Such a simple thing and I can't get it to work!
> 	# test script
> 	# based on /etc/rc usage of if
> 	if [ $1 = yes ] then

  Here's your problem..

  the 'then' part of an 'if' must be on a separate 'line'.  This can be
 accomplished by physically moving the then to the next line (which is 
 what I prefer) or by inserting the ';' separator...

   As in:

	if [ $1 = yes ]
	  echo Yes


	if [ $1 = yes ] ; then
	  echo Yes

 Now, your next question should be "That seems pretty dumb - why is it so?"

 The problem is that (logically, if not actually) the 'if' statement 
actually runs a program, in this instance, a program named '[' which is
a link to a program named 'test'.  This program is presumed to accept
arguments, which are in your case "$1 = yes ]".  (Note that ']' is not
the close of '[', it is an (ignored) argument to the 'test' program.)

 So, the shell needs to determine when the arguments are over, and
where the 'then' is.  You do that by inserting a command separator (the ';')
or by putting the 'then' on the next line.

  Hope this helps

	- Dave Rivers -

> ramillia {1377} ./test yes
> if: Expression Syntax
> ramillia {1378}
> Such an easy thing... ... I've tried every variation I can think of while
> crusing through stuff in /etc
> Thanks.
> -Enjoy
> Gary

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