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Date:      Thu, 10 Oct 2002 01:49:54 +0200
From:      Marc Perisa <>
To:        =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Erik_Paulsen_Sk=E5lerud?= <>
Subject:   Re: DHCP Relay over IPSec ESP/Tunnel (Sorry about the duplicate posts, problems with digital ID)
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(taking this to questions because it is not a discussion on security topics)

Erik Paulsen Skålerud wrote:
> Hello.
> Is it possible to use DHCP relay over an IPSec ESP/tunnel? What are the
> requirements to accomplish this, and is there any special configuration
> I have to use?
> I've been trying to get this to work for two days now, and I'm really
> really ready to give up. This is my last resort, so, please, if you do
> have any comments, please let me know.

Hi Erik,

DHCP relay should be possible over any IPSec tunnel (if not the other 
end of the tunnel has to get its IP from this DHCP server).

It is like having one DHCP server and lots of clients in other subnets. 
Take a look into the handbook under:

and look out for dhcrelay(8).

If your routing over the tunnel works, dhcrelay should work too.

Hope that helps


PS: I assume, that the tunnel is transparent to the network on both sides.

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