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Date:      Fri, 27 Jul 2007 20:34:05 -0700
From:      Garrett Cooper <>
Subject:   Re: Abit VP6 Mother Board no USB
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>> On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Chris Maness wrote:
>>> I moved a hard drive from a system that had working usb to an abit VP6
>>> PIII
>>> board, and FreeBSD is complaining that it can't find the USB host
>>> controller.
>>> Any suggestions?
>>> Chris Maness
>> 1. Check that the BIOS a) has USB support turned on, b) has PnP support
>> properly setup (ASUS for instance has a non-PnP capable USB setting where
>> the BIOS arbitrates USB usage and resource configuration, but since
>> FreeBSD is PnP capable I turn that option off).
>> 2. Make sure that you have correct USB support compiled into your kernel
>> (just compile in ehci, ohci, and uhci in case).
>> 3. Try a 7-CURRENT snapshot disk and see if USB support works or not.
>>       More information would be helpful as well if those suggestions don't
>> work (what version of FreeBSD are you running, exact motherboard
>> specs, etc).
>> Thanks,
>> -Garrett
> I am such a retard.  I took your advice and scanned through the BIOS, and
> I saw where USB needed to enabled.  That is wierd that USB is turned off
> by default.  I had to reset the CMOS after changing a battery.
> Thanks,
> Chris Maness
    No problem. Silly mistakes happen to everyone ;)..

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