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Date:      Thu, 22 Apr 1999 14:41:11 -0700 (PDT)
From:      "Rodney W. Grimes" <>
To: (David Schwartz)
Cc:,, stable@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: netstat -r
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <000001be8cf7$fb2eed80$> from David Schwartz at "Apr 22, 99 12:40:31 pm"

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> 	The problem will not 'clear up' in any reasonable sense of the word until
> you either:
> 	1) Fix your nameserver so that it stops trying to resolve private IPs using
> the global Internet's DNS fabric, or
> 	2) Fix your machines so that they no longer try to reverse resolve private
> IPs on name servers not configured to handle it.
> 	So long as you are relying on private IP space to behave in a particular
> way on the global Internet, when there are no such guarantees, your
> configuration is broken. Private IPs are supposed to be quarrantined from
> the global Internet.

Key word there!!  And please don't leak your IP's into the public internet
via your DNS.  So many sites let this stuff out it makes it a pain some
times to keep your own site clean:
thomson2# ndc dumpdb
Dumping Database
thomson2# grep 192.168 named_dump.db
irintsp1        134631  IN      A   ;Cr=auth []
thomson2# grep 172.16 named_dump.db
seaipsvcs       5003    IN      A     ;Cr=addtnl []
seadnsbkup      5003    IN      A    ;Cr=addtnl []
        134562  IN      A      ;NT=712 Cr=addtnl []
iri2    134562  IN      A    ;Cr=addtnl []
iri172  134562  IN      A      ;Cr=addtnl []
        67134   IN      A     ;Cr=addtnl []

And I don't even want to show you how much traffic tries to cross my borders with
either a source or destination address in the RFC1918 space, it just makes me sick...
I've even seen MX records pointing to unroutable space :-(

Rod Grimes - KD7CAX - (RWG25)         
Accurate Automation, Inc.                   Reliable computers for FreeBSD

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