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Date:      Sun, 13 May 2012 18:10:19 -0400
From:      "Thomas Mueller" <>
Subject:   Building FreeBSD to install or update in two DESTDIRs
Message-ID:  <>

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I would like to build FreeBSD to install in two places: regular hard drive and also on a USB stick, probably 8 GB.

USB stick install would be for backup, in case something goes awry with a later update, then I have something to fall back on; could also install tools such as gdisk to use on hard drive.

I tried make installkernel and make installworld, but those didn't fully work right the second time, with DESTDIR=/mnt (USB stick main partition).

/usr/src/UPDATING doesn't say how to update for two DESTDIRs on the same build.

Update (from 9.0_RELEASE amd64 to STABLE) was successful on main, hard-drive installation.  I had spontaneous reboots at times of inactivity, without cleanly umounting file systems, under the release, but upgrading to STABLE fixed that.

I also want to build the same 9.0_STABLE to install on a 16 GB USB stick, which could be used on my older computer, but this would be i386 version; I could also use it on new computer for 32-bit compatibility needed for emulators/wine (but not doscmd, I tried that and didn't like it.). I can't do this on old computer from FreeBSD 8.2 because of shortage of disk space and only 256 MB RAM.

I could do that either concurrently (how?) or after the amd64 update.


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