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Date:      Mon, 05 Sep 2011 09:59:23 -0400
From:      Pierre-Luc Drouin <>
To:        Polytropon <>,
Subject:   Re: Best Server OS for Someone That Does not Want to Touch a Shell on a Regular Basis?
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I just took a look at PBDir and the choice of PBIs for server-related 
softwares seems to be rather limited. They have a PBI for Apache, but I 
could not even find one for PHP... To me it seems that if not all the 
required softwares are available through PBI, it would be better to drop 
the whole PBI idea all together and fall back to the FreeBSD 
port/package system. But to go with the FreeBSD route, I will need to 
convince my friend of using the command line at least to update the 
packages and the OS. I am not sure if he will enjoy the usage of tools 
such as mergemaster, given that this requires to have a good idea of 
what is going on in the config files. This might make an OS like Ubuntu 
easier to use for my friend, although this is probably not the most 
stable and secure OS for a server. It might be a necessary compromise in 
this case though...

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