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Date:      Mon, 9 Sep 1996 17:23:06 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Jeremy Sigmon <>
Subject:   Re: PennMUSH 1.6.8p0
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On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, Jeremy Sigmon wrote:

> Anyone compile this for FreeBSD yet?
> To get it to compile I had to change one of the header files in
> /usr/include/sys/  
> I added #include<sys/types.h> to the file select.h
> It seems to me that editing these could be a Bad Thing(tm), but it compiled.
> Running is another matter entirely.  I am hopiing for a response from the
> PennMUSH mailing list, but maybe someone here is using this?
> thanks

After 7 compiles with various things fooled with I got a working PennMUSH.
I am sending this so it gets into the archives incase someone wants to
compile this in the future:

My Solution:
  #1  patch /usr/include/src/select.h
          add #include<sys/types.h>
  #2  use smalloc for the memory allocation in the src/Makefile  
  #3  turn off DB compression.  remember to remove all .Zs from    
      your .cnf and .restart files in your game directory. And
      don't forget to decompress your DBS in data/
  #4 in your game directory (the one with your .cnf and .restart files)
     type the following to create this file if it doesn't exist.
     'touch access.cnf'

Thats it... Maybe this should be a port????

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