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Date:      Fri, 9 Jan 2009 09:24:46 -0500
From:      "Glen Barber" <>
To:        "Neal Hogan" <>
Subject:   Re: ndis panic HP pavilion ze4400 won't boot
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On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Neal Hogan <> wrote:
> Glen,
> Well, I never loaded into /boot/modules and at this point I've removed the
> *bcmwl5-stuff* to  begin again. Note that *kldload bcmwl5_sys.ko* output
> that there was no such file. Below is some info as to what lead to the panic
> (it's info I gave in response to another generous fellow on the list).

Just use `kldload bcmwl5_sys` without the `.ko' at the end.

> I have not formally sync'd the system and source. But what I did prior to
> the panicking was freshly install 7.0-RELEASE from disc, did not add any
> packages, before upgrading to 7.1-RELEASE, using *freebsd-update -r
> 7.1-RELEASE upgrade && freebsd-update -r 7.1-RELEASE install* I then
> installed downloded the ports tree via ftp and added a few packages.

This could be causing a problem if the kernel and userland (ndis
included) are out of sync.

> The bcmwl5_sys.ko was generated using *ndisgen /mnt/flash/bcmwl5.inf
> /mnt/flash/bcmwl5.sys*  When it came time to make the .ko file, it reported
> a syntax error on the last line of the .inf file. I removed that line and
> the .ko file was generated.
> As far as using the correct driver is concerned . . . my Broadcom card is a
> BCM94309, version 4.10.40, in Windows XP Home. I got the driver, with those
> specs, from the HP website. The only difference was that my hardware specs
> under XP dates the card version as 11/2/2005 and the driver, on the HP site,
> is dated 2/17/2006.

Try using an older/newer .inf and .sys file.

> Panic info . . . there was not much time to get all of the info before it
> reboot and, at this point, I've uninstalled the driver stuff to avoid panic.
> I do remember it saying something about a *fatal trap 12*

Fatal trap 12 is kind of a generic error message.  What appears before
that actual trap is the important part.

> I hope this was info. you were looking for. Again, thanks for your
> consideration.

Glen Barber

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