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Date:      Sun, 24 Sep 2006 18:43:53 -0500
From:      Robert C Wittig <>
To:        Rob Gabaree <>
Subject:   Re: Do I need to completely disable sendmail?
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Rob Gabaree wrote:
> Thanks.
> What I did was remove all lines except `sendmail_enable="NO"` and in 
> /etc/mail/aliases, I setup the root alias to goto my real email address:
> root
> I setup my firewall to block incoming/outgoing email on ports 21/25 as 
> well, so no one on the outside can access mail services.
> It seems to be working correctly, as I received mail as it was ran to my 
> email.
> Does this seem ok?  Did I do anything wrong?

I run OpenBSD on my mailservers, but I expect that the sendmail works 
basically the same.

In /etc/rc.conf or its FreeBSD equivalent, check the sendmail line to 
see if it references or will permit internal mail on the machine, so that root can 
send messages to your everyday UID, etc., but will not permit mail to be 
sent to or received from, the Internet, or other machines in you LAN. will permit full Internet email, but even this will not 
permit Internet email, unless your machine has a fully Qualified Domain 
Name, which is registered with your domain registrar, and has the 
Registrar's MX setting configured properly.


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