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Date:      Thu, 9 Aug 2001 10:51:45 +0200
From:      "Christer Gundersen" <>
To:        "'Josh Paetzel'" <>, <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: PPP`s NAT and cvsup
Message-ID:  <000001c120b0$861328a0$0e6464a2@dtunez>
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It seems like i gotten the problem fixed. The problem was that the MTU
on my netcard was higher than the MTU on the tun0 interface. It also
helped a bit to turn media:auto to 10Base/UTP

Thanks anyway :)


-----Original Message-----
From: Josh Paetzel [] 
Sent: 8. august 2001 05:13
To: Christer Gundersen; freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject: Re: PPP`s NAT and cvsup

On Tuesday 07 August 2001 06:35, Christer Gundersen wrote:
> Hi!
> I have just set up my first PPP NAT server, and i seemd to work fine. 
> Like, almost everything _does_ really work. There is nothing wrong 
> with the speed
> on the net, or something like that.
> My problem comes to cvsup; When i try to cvsup my ports-sup file is
> _very_ slow. So slow that my connection gets closed after updating 1,
> 2
> ports.
> I wonder why?
> I use the norwegian cvsup server(i dont know if that matter).
> If i use cvsup(same mirror ofcurse) on the server(i have two machines,
> one
> server, and one workstation. The server does the NAT) it works.
> is
> wrong the way i see it. (I have a PPPoE connection, and yes i _have_
> dial.)
> Is something wrong with my setup?
> If i use my workstation to dialup(using PPP) to the net, and then uses
> cvsup
> it work nice, without any "connection timeout."
> Does PPP`s NAT have a problem with cvsup?
> Using FreeBSD 4.4-PRE, was a 4.3 stable but with same problem then.
> My server is a 166mzh MMX(64meg of ram), and my workstation is a AMD
> 1.33(768 megs of ram)
> (And yes, i have tried cvsup -P m thing)
> Med Vennlig Hilsen / Best regards
> Christer Gundersen / dizzy tun3Z

I've run ppp -nat for a long time with multiple machines using cvsup and

never had a problem.  Currently I am using a dual p-100 with 32 megs of
that runs ppp and natd and ipfw.  But I have used the same hardware with

built-in ppp nat and had fine results.


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