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Date:      Mon, 4 Dec 1995 08:32:11 -0500 (EST)
From:      "Stephen F. Combs" <>
Subject:   Problems with 2.0.5 and a 'Blue Lightning' MB
Message-ID:  <>

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While attempting to finally move off of my '386 I discovered a few problems
with 2.0.5 release.... Don't know if anyone can help, but here goes.

	System is a 'Blue Lightning' 486BL (486DX4 [actually 3] @75Mhz)
		w/a MR Bios....
	2 on-board 16C550 Uarts
	On-board IDE (disabled, 'cuz I'm using an Adaptec 1542CF).
	On-board Floppie (1542CF Floppie Controller Disabled)
	1 on-board Parallel port (disabled)

	First problem was (stupid me) had deleted the "I486_CPU" stuff
	from my config file, so, surprise, surprise, the system wouldn't 
	even boot my kernel.  I re-installed my 386 MB and rebuilt the 
	kernel with "I486_CPU" and "I586_CPU" re-inserted.  The kernel
	now boots (hurrah!) on the 486 board!

	Second problem (I haven't found and fixed this yet).  The system
	has two(2) on-board 16C550 (probably ASIC equiv) UART's.  The kernel
	recognizes the first UART (at 3F8), and doesn't see the second one
	(even tho the port shows up on the BIOS set-up screen).  The real
	problem is with my USR 28.8 Internal modem.  It's mapped to 
	3e8 IRQ2 (actually IRQ 9) and works just fine on my '386 with the
	SAME kernel, but with the '486 it's not even found.......  This is 
	my PPP connection and I really need it........

	Last problem (so far) is at boot time I get a:

	BIOS ERROR: RTC.....(not the exact words)

	It seems the kernel has problems with my RTC (real-time-clock).
	I will continue to investigate to-nite, but would appreciate any 
	help you can give.......

Steve Combs

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