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Date:      Sat, 17 Jan 2009 08:14:29 -0500
From:      Michael Powell <>
Subject:   Re: Help needed w/ HighPoint RocketRAID 3120 on FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE
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ThinkDifferently wrote:

> Michael Powell-6 wrote:
>> ThinkDifferently wrote:
>>> In my BIOS there is the following...
>>> Hard Disk Boot Priority   [Press Enter]
>>>      1. SCSI-0:    :  RocketRAID 3120 SATA C
>>>      2. Bootable Add-in Cards
>> So what happens when you choose 2. Bootable Add-in Cards, save the
>> setting and reboot with [Hard Disk] as First Boot Device?
> No change.  :-(

Well the only other idea I have right now is that perhaps sysinstall
lied to you about what it wrote out to the mirror. It thinks it has
successfully completed an install but maybe failed to write the
boot loader, or more, and is misleading.

Next thing I would try is to boot from the LivsFS CD and attempt
to mount the mirror to someplace such as /mnt. If it gets mounted
go examine what's there. If it was newfs'd successfully and the
install is good then there will be a file system with all the normal
bits you'd expect to see. If all that's there maybe it's munged
the mbr and/or partition table. Far fetched maybe but something
to eliminate. When you can't figure out what it is, figure out
what it isn't, until you back it into a corner.  :-)

There is also another thing which I don't know enough about, but
have noticed a little traffic about. Try searching for issues
people have had about device renumbering. That really shouldn't
be an issue with a hardware RAID controller but maybe some of
the related info may spark an idea.

I'm also a little curious that the controller card itself could
possibly have some hardware defect. An easy way to rule it out
would be to try with another OS such as Linux and/or Windows. If
you see the same behavior the card is defective. If not the problem
is somehow FreeBSD related. It's the old divide and conquer 
paradigm - if there actually is a hardware defect present all the
mucking around in software isn't going to change anything. The first
place to drive in the wedge is hardware vs software. If you can prove
the hardware is functioning correctly then you know which road you
have to go down.

Sorry to not be more helpful here, but the couple of times in the
past that I've used old Highpoints it was just create array, reboot,
install to ar0 (older PATA IDE array) and it was done.



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