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Date:      Sun, 17 Apr 2011 12:14:58 -0400
From:      Daniel Staal <>
Subject:   X11 remote desktops and keyboards
Message-ID:  <DB180469AC716C2C750F7D0F@Mac-Pro.local>

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I'm having a problem where if I try to create a remote desktop using X11, 
my keyboard gets remapped quite oddly.  (One key I've learned is that 'e' 
translates to 'backspace', for instance...)

This does not happen if I just run a program remotely.  It only happens if 
I try to run Xnest or Xephyr and then run a program inside that desktop. 
(So running xterm directly works fine, but running an xterm in a Xnest 
session doesn't.)

My 'home desktop' (the one running the X11 server, that I'm trying to 
remote my FreeBSD desktop to) is OS X 10.6.6, running XQuartz 2.3.6.  (The 
default Apple X11 server.)  The FreeBSD machine is running 8.2-RELEASE 

I do get an error when running Xnest or Xephyr.  In Xephyr the error is:
> Xephyr unable to use SHM XImages
> expected keysym, got XF86TouchpadToggle: line 123 of inet

In Xnest it is:
> expected keysym, got XF86TouchpadToggle: line 123 of inet
> Couldn't get keyboard.

Any ideas on what's going on or how to fix it?

Daniel T. Staal

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