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Date:      Thu, 29 Apr 2004 15:15:12 -0400
From:      Lucas Holt <>
To:        "Jay Chen" <>
Subject:   Re: Dumb question
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XP has a feature on the CD to fix the NT boot loader in the repair 
options.  I'd recommend you run that to restore your windows install 
provided you did not overwrite it during the FreeBSD installation.

Here's what I would recommend.  Use a program like partition magic to 
resize the windows partition (make it smaller).  Then install freebsd 
on the second half of the drive.  You can use your second hard drive to 
store windows or freebsd data if you need more room.

People post constantly that they have trouble with two drives.  Its a 
bad idea to install an OS on a second drive.  Many OSes don't even 
support it on PCs.  Dual boot 2 OSes on the same drive and use 
additional hard drives for addtional storage.

I used to do this:
Drive 1
       Windows Partition
       Other OS (BSD or Linux)

Drive 2
      Media drive.  All my downloads, mp3s, video files, etc go here
                               This also protects your important data 
from OSes failing.
                               (you can even disconnect it during 
installs for extra safety)

Then its easier to backup your data too.  Its all on one drive.  Just 
burn the contents
on cd or dvd periodically.

My new setup is to use an external firewire drive for my media files 
which i can also plugin to my ibook.  Since its fat32, i can read it in 
almost any operating system.

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