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Date:      Mon, 20 May 2013 20:56:13 +0000
From:      "Chou, David J" <>
To:        "''" <>
Subject:   Task bar missed when creating PC-BSD release 9.1 64 bit VM in VMware Workstation Version 98.02 build-1031769
Message-ID:  <>

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I  am trying to create a virtual machine of PC-BSD release 9.1 64 bit in VM=
ware Workstation Version 98.02 build-1031769 based on PCBSD9.1-x64-DVD.iso =
downloaded from
iso in Windows 7 64 bits system. The screen resolution is 1280x1024,  if I =
chose "Yes"  in "Confirm Resolution" window to keep the autodetec, then aft=
er the whole creation process finished, and login in as a created user, the=
 task doesn't appear in the bottom below the desktop.  If I powered off the=
 VM, and changed the Display setting to "Specificy monitor settings" with "=
Maximum resolution" set to "1024 x 768" by "Virtual Machine Settings" in Wo=
rkstation, and repower on the VM, then the task bar appears on the bottom b=
elow desktop.

What is the issue?  Did I miss anything during the VM creation?



, and setup network configuration and installed Firefox 20.0 by AppCafe, an=
d configured the network setting in Preference->Advanced of Firefox, and I =
could  access Internet.

Now I need to build my own customized kernel, but there is no src subdirect=
ory in /usr, so here is my question:
1.            Is there any way to install kernel source when I create the  =
virtual machine from PCBSD9.1-x64-DVD.iso ?
2.            Any BKM to get the kernel source after the Virtual Machine al=
ready created as my case now?



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