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Date:      Wed, 13 Sep 2006 10:52:54 +0400
To:        <>
Subject:   ipfw forward problem
Message-ID:  <130501c6d701$40d4e0f0$6407a8c0@oivanovmob>

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Hello all

I'm confused a bit.
Here's what I have: a firewall (with address A) and a proxy host (in internal network) with address
Both running latest FBSD 6.1-stable. Addresses are (samples) "A" - and "B" -
Both kernel are compiled with options "ipfirewall" and "ipfirewall_forward".
The firewall is supposed to forward outgoing POP3 traffic (from internal LAN) to the proxy (the
The scheme: [internal lan + proxy] <---> [firewall] <---> [elsewhere]
So, on the firewall I add rule "ipfw add fwd B tcp from internal_net to any 110 in recv
On the proxy server I add rule "ipfw fwd,PROXY_PORT tcp from any to any 110".
What I get: I get firewall which is trying to forward packets to default gateway
(plenty of DENIES on the external interface of the firewall).
Question: what am I doing wrong?

 the same configuration works perfectly on FBSD 4.11

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