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Date:      Mon, 17 Apr 1995 00:46:01 +0300
From:      Heikki Suonsivu <>
To: (Steven Jorgensen)
Subject:   DAT tape compat?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To:'s message of 15 Apr 1995 12:03:48 +0300

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	   for different versions of Unix.  I am currently running a
	   SCSI Wangtek DAT tape drive under Freebsd 2.0, and tapes
	   I create can be read by all other DAT drives I've tried it
	   on.  However, when I try to make a tape to bring home, the
	   only thing that seems to be able to create tapes that I
	   can read is a 486 running BSDOS.  Tapes created on our Sun
	   DAT or the DEC Alpha DAT can be read.  All I get is a Tape
	   error..  Do these DAT's create some specialized propriety
	   format that we just don't support, or am I not configuring
	   something correctly on my system?  Any help appreciated.

I have a little bit different symptoms:

- I can write tapes quickly on any system.

- I can read them, but they come out very slowly (< 20kB/s).

- The tapes themselves seem to be ok, they can be read though, it just
takes a week to do it.

- I have tried 3 tape drives of same type.

- If I take the drive and attach it into a Sun SS10, reading the
FreeBSD-written tapes is still slow.

- If I write the tape on a SS10, it can be read quickly on SS10 reading
works fine (several hundred kB/s).

- Both and early 2.* did this, but I have done less testing on 2.*.

- I haven't tried reading SS10-written tape on a FreeBSD system.

- The drive is 3400 with compression (DX I think). 

- I have tried number of different block sizes with no difference.

It seems to be a drive problem which is woken up by the FreeBSD driver or
by the way I write the tapes (its all dd, which would seem to be sensible,
though).  I guess I should write a tape for wangtek so that they could
check out why this happens...

Heikki Suonsivu, T{ysikuu 10 C 83/02210 Espoo/FINLAND,  home +358-0-8031121 work -4513377 fax -4555276  riippu SN

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