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Date:      Wed, 12 Sep 2018 04:54:24 +0800
From:      blubee blubeeme <>
To:        Alejandro Imass <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: [OT] Is the IT Crowd re-inventing Unix with Virtualization, Docker and Microservices?
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On Wed, Sep 12, 2018, 03:13 Alejandro Imass <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I guess it's time for another food for thought email of like-minded
> FreeBSDers, as I am coming to a new conclusion about this whole enterprise
> crap world of which I am so evermore fed up of...
> For me it all started with a comment about Theo de Raadt's visionary
> comment here, brought to light by Ian Smith in 2017:
> At the time I was going through Java / AWS hell so I posted this rant which
> was followed up by interesting and diverse commentary:
> And now I have been recently exposed to the pinnacle of enterprise crap:
> microservices.
> Not saying that they are not a good idea, on the contrary, they are! But is
> this all really that new??
> So modern-day microservices rely heavily on virtualization (Linux on AWS),
> pseudo-virtualization (Docker), and well, the microservices themselves.
> They bring on a whole new set of challenges such as log unification
> (usually through something like Elastic Search, Log Stash, Kibana, Beats,
> etc.), and IPC (through an MQ su as Apache Kafka). Plus a whole new pile of
> shit that they are throwing at this microservices "architectures" such as
> Hystrix and of course, everyone needs to be "streaming" so they throw in
> stuff like Spring Reactor or RxJava, "new" Actor design patterns like Akka
> (actually invented in 1973) and well, whatever other thing that Netflix or
> Amazon use, then everyone else has got to use them too.
> Read any book on the subject and well, cry. Talk about layers and layers,
> upon layers and layers of crap, basically to achieve something like, well:
> Unix, TCP/IP and HTTP.
> So let me breakdown a few of these things so you get what I'm saying:
> Reactive Streams: a new FAD designed to handle "back pressure" and vertical
> scaling by taking advantage of multi-core CPU's and low-level caching
> issues etc. Well, guess what, enterprise idiots: that's EXACTY why you want
> a solid Operating System that sits on, and it's fined tuned to that
> specific real hardware! and with regards to back-pressure, old school
> protocols such as HTTP have had things like 503 and RetryAfter header from
> their original design!!
> It's so funny that most of these things are for multi-core optimizations
> that are not even running on real hardware!
> Log Unification: well how about a little education on RFC 3164 and Log
> Analyzer?
> Virtualization: isn't this what Unix basically is? I mean the concept of
> processes that are running and sharing resources is that not virtualization
> by principle?
> Pseudo-Virtuzalization: Isn't this what chroot and BSD Jails do? Oh you
> want an easy interface like Docker, well how about EzJail?
> IPC: Isn't that what pipes and SYS 5 IPC provide: an MQ, Shared Mem and
> Semaphores? Oh too slow? (really? compared to what?).
> And finally the crown jewel: microservices. Well, isn't this one of the
> basic design principles of Unix? I mean tiny little things that talk well
> to each other to build big things with?
> Honestly I could go on but I thing you get the idea. It seems that this
> whole "enterprise" industry has been hell-bent on re-inventing a big, bad,
> ugly and expensive version of Unix, just because they don't want to tie
> their design to Unix? For portability? to what?, well to another flavour of
> Unix called Linux, running on Xen and well, Linux.
> Is there are real proof that all this microservices crap is really that
> much better than individual processes (e.g. built with sh, Perl and/or C)
> running on a fined-tuned Unix system on real hardware?
> Oh yeah, that's right, high-level guys are too expensive? really? compared
> to what? to the dozens and dozens of mediocre "coders", "devops",
> "techops"and whatever other "ops". Yeah, we are way more expensive but we
> are 50:1, maybe 100:1 compared the median in the "enterprise" side of
> things.
> Steve Jobs was so right about the "dynamic range"of A players:
> Anyway, that's my rant of the year ;-)
> Thanks so much for FreeBSD!!
> --
> Alex
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It's not just micro services, look at Wayland. By the time they're finished
it'll be X10.5

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