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Date:      Tue, 7 Feb 1995 19:12:42 -0800
From: (Frank O'Donnell)
Subject:   Problem with third serial port
Message-ID:  <>

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I recently installed FreeBSD 2.0 on a 486DX2-66 equipped with a 
no-name multifunction card with two serial ports at what MS-DOS 
calls COM1 and COM2, plus a Hayes Accura 144 internal modem card 
at COM3.  All three serial ports use the standard addresses; COM1 
and COM3 share IRQ 4.  COM1 is unused, while the Microsoft mouse 
is on COM2.  All three serial ports are reported by the AMI BIOS 
on bootup, and none of my DOS/Windows programs has any trouble 
finding and using the internal modem card on COM3.

A couple of days ago I posted a message to this list reporting 
that FreeBSD was not finding the modem on the third serial port 
(i.e. sio2) on bootup.  Per a suggestion here, I recompiled the 
kernel after adding a line "options ALLOW_CONFLICT-IRQ" to the 
source and changing the irq in the "device sio2" line from irq5 
to 4.  However, it still didn't find the modem.  I then deleted 
the line for sio0 and recompiled the kernel another time; still 
no luck.

I'm surprised that it still isn't finding it, given that DOS 
programs don't have any trouble with it.  Short of changing out 
the hardware, is there anything else I can try?  The modem will 
_not_ let me reset the IRQ or address, although it will let me 
choose between COM1-2-3-4.  The multifunction card also doesn't 
allow selection of IRQ or address on the serial ports, and 
although it theoretically lets you disable COM1 this doesn't seem 
to be working right.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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