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Date:       Wed, 13 Sep 1995 18:00:00 +0100 
From:      "barry (b.a.) scott" <>
Subject:    Windows NT BOOT conflict with MBR boot manager - solution known 
Message-ID:   <"29534 Wed Sep 13 13:03:02 1995"> 

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	Windows NT uses a few bytes before the partition table to
	keep something it calls the "disk signature" in. I think its
	using 4 bytes before the partition table only.

	The MBR boot manager is installed in the space before the
	the partition table and over writes the 4 bytes used by Windows NT.

	The MBR boot manager install program needs to be modified to
	take the Windows NT use of the MBR into acount. e.g. memcpy 4 less

	The MBR program itself needs to be made 4 bytes shorter as its
	an exact fit before the partition table. I would suggest that
	the simplest way to shrink the boot.bin program is to shortern
	some of the partion type names. e.g. 386BSD to FBSD linux in lnx

	I'll post updated sources once I've layed my hands on a ASM to 
	build and test a new .boot.bin file.


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