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Date:      Tue, 25 Nov 2003 13:32:03 +1100
From:      "Nigel Weeks" <>
To:        "'.VWV.'" <>, <>
Subject:   RE: Re: what's unix and what's not
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If you're after 'SSI' (Single Server Image), then you're in for some =
work on

The patches from the Mosix group could be ported, but it'd be hard work.
DragonFlyBSD has a distant goal to include between-machine messaging for
process migration, but I'd say you need one now.

If they'd handle a master/slave cluster, MPI, PVM, Ganglia(for =
and the new framework under Seti@home(BOINC) will run with the least =
of work.

Out of the box:
Clusterit (/usr/ports/net/clusterit) gives some handy functionailty.
PVM (/usr/ports/net/pvm) runs brilliantly
MPI (/usr/ports/net/lam, /usr/ports/net/mpich) are popular, powerful =

I'm into clusters too. I can't wait to do a `top` on a FreeBSD box, and =
processors 0 - 63 busy...

Ps. I'm not calling you a zealot. Just be careful recommending to others =
It's a quick and easy way to get discredited.

Pps. I have an Israeli heritage. They write great code.


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> Subject: Re: Re: what's unix and what's not
> I send you all of my most sincere thanks. I have also read=20
> some strings linking to israelian developers. I have no=20
> problems with israelian products, being a mechanics-lover, I=20
> trust their solutions for defensive weapons. I'm not a=20
> zealot, I have simply made my choice for the future.
> I would also like to offer a valid alternative for the=20
> symmetric-multiprocessor system at the local centre of=20
> calculation of the university. The system is a 'power'=20
> architecture mainframe of IBM. I have read FreeBSD is not=20
> ready for this purposes.
> I hope I'm wrong, because I also trust FreeBSD for=20
> calculation machines, even if I know its specialty are the=20
> internet and the database services.
> .VWV.
> Nigel Weeks wrote:
> > Careful.
> > Mosix(aka OpenMosix) is a patch to a generic Linux kernel -=20
> hardly a=20
> > variant.
> >
> > There were/are distro's based on this mod - the distro is=20
> not where it=20
> > started. Mosix actually started on BSD/ an Israeli=20
> > University...
> >
> > Don't get yourself labelled a Zealot - it's the worst thing=20
> you could=20
> > do...
> >
> > N.
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