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Date:      Tue, 30 Apr 2013 13:47:12 +0430
From:      s m <>
To:        freebsd-questions <>
Subject:   Re: restore /usr dump on two hard disk parallel y
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In-Reply-To: <44vc7cw2d8.fsf@lowell-desk.lan>
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thanks Lowell for your reply,

i want to restore my /usr dump on both of my disks (each one has /usr
partition separately).

i try to use TMPDIR in order to prevent this conflict, but restore does not
identify it and use my /tmp dir yet. this is what i do:
first, i create a tmp1 directory in /tmp directory and set its permission
to 777
second, i mount tmp1 into my hard disk number 1

i do these two steps for my hard disk number 2 (create tmp2 in tmp and
mount it to hard disk number 2)

moreover, this is my restore command:

restore rf /mnt/dumps/zrdump_usr.dump  TMPDIR

man page for restore command said: if you use -r option, it uses tmp files
with unique name in /tmp directory. as you see, i am using -r in my restore
command but conflict happens yet.
please let me know how to use TMPDIR or any other solution to avoid
conflict in /tmp directory.
thanks in advance

On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Lowell Gilbert <> wrote:

> s m <> writes:
> > i'm trying to restore DUMP file for partition /usr on tow hard disk
> > parallel y. these two hard are connected to my system (i have
> freebsd8.2).
> > i use  restore command and it uses /tmp directory to restore dump. in
> > restoring dump process, two hard disks try to use /tmp directory of my
> > system. therefore conflict happened and restore command return error.
> > i try to use TMPDIR and define another tmp directory for one of my hard
> > disk but it does not identify it and use my system tmp directory yet.
> > please let me know if using TMPDIR is a good idea and how i can use it.
> if
> > not, how i can restore /usr dump file on two hard disk parallel y?
> What do you want to do exactly?
> Do you want both disks together to be your new /usr/partition? In that
> case, you want to set up some kind of RAID system with the two
> disks. Start with the GEOM section in the handbook.
> Do you want to end up with two partitions, each holding part of what the
> /usr backup contains?  If that's what you're after, then the best
> approach is probably to pick one subdirectory of /usr (/usr/local would
> be an obvious choice) and restore everything *but* that to one of your
> disks, then mount the other disk on the subdirectory and restore the
> rest onto there.
> If your problem is just that the two restore operations are stepping on
> each other's temporary files, then TMPDIR *should* take care of
> that. You could show us more detail of how you run the restore
> operations, or just run them one at a time instead of in parallel.
> I hope that helps.

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