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Date:      Mon, 21 Oct 1996 15:30:07 -0400
From: (Donny Lee)
Subject:   Re: Mounting my dos partition
Message-ID:  <>

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-=*> wrote:
> from there.  My problem is installing the packages.  I have tried copying
> the packages directory to my dos partition and installing from there, but
> the installation menu can't seem to find the Index file even though it is
> there. My dos subdirectory is empty so I suspect that the problem is that
> my dos partition is not mounted, but I haven't had any luck with the
> command:
>   mount msdos /dev/wd0s1 /dos

  Ken, I just got off from the same problem, and I'm sure it's
  not because that your DOS partition has been mounted in or not,
  in my case.

  It's most likly because of the stupid DOS 8.3 file name format,
  the install program can't correctly refer to the real file from
  the packages index file, since most of the .TGZed files are
  something like 'pine-3.91.tgz'.  You can have a look at the
  packages/index by a simple DOS viewer or editor.

  The way I solve the problem is making my CD-ROM running.   :)

 // Donny

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