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Date:      Mon, 30 Sep 1996 13:06:18 -0600
From:      "Mark O'Lear" <Mark.Olear@Colorado.EDU>
To:        David Nugent <>
Cc:        FreeBSD-questions Mailing List <>
Subject:   Re: Timezone
Message-ID:  <32501A2A.4CEF@Colorado.EDU>
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David Nugent wrote:
> Here's a curley one.
> Currently, my FreeBSD system runs without timezones, since the
> CMOS clock is local time. This seems to work fine in most
> respects (internally) until we start interacting with the outside
> world. For example, the timezone on this email is probably +0000,
> which is incorrect. And another effect is that a network
> date/time ntp corrector I went to install today is also the
> expected 10 hours wrong.
> Yes, I know how to install the correct timzone (just create the
> link). But the problem is that since FreeBSD isn't the only OS I
> run, I don't really want to have to change the CMOS time every
> time I change operating systems where the CMOS is expected to be
> local time.
> Is there a happy medium? Linux, for example, had no problem with
> this.
> I'm running FreeBSD-(almost)-current, if that helps.
> Regards,
> David
> David Nugent, Unique Computing Pty Ltd - Melbourne, Australia
> Voice +61-3-791-9547 Data/BBS +61-3-792-3507 3:632/348@fidonet

You might want to read the adjkerntz(8) man page.  I have it working
at home, but I'm not there now, so I can't check what I have in my
/etc/rc file.  Let me know if you need me to post the settings
I'm using at home (it'll probably take me a few days though).
Mark O'Lear             \    e-mail: Mark.Olear@Colorado.EDU
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