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Date:      Mon, 27 Jun 2011 06:39:36 -1000
To:        Joe in MPLS <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: pkg-add - package insists on old version of Perl
Message-ID:  <20110627163936.GA5294@holstein.holy.cow>
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in message <>,
wrote Joe in MPLS thusly...
> I am trying to install the Amanda server package. I am running FreeBSD
> 8.2 with Perl 5.12.3.
> The package lists Perl 5.10.1 as a dependency and since my newer version
> of Perl conlicts with the older version the install fails. pkg_add with
> "-f" just tries to force the installation of the older Perl and fails.
> How do I get the package to install and use the Perl I already have? I'd
> rather not downgrade Perl.

pkg_add should not fail itself in installing a package ...

  -f, --force
      Force installation to proceed even if prerequisite packages
      are not installed or the requirements script fails.  Although
      pkg_add will still try to find and auto-install missing
      prerequisite packages, a failure to find one will not be

... then, just to confirm, pkg_add did not succeed in installing the
desired package in the end?

I wonder if using -F ...

  -F  Already installed packages are not an error.

... would install perl 5.10 too in addition to 5.12, or install of
5.10 would be skipped?.

  - parv


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