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Date:      Fri, 15 Oct 1999 15:52:30 +0100
From:      "Joe Pepin" <>
To:        <>, <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   RE: can't ping windows machine
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Do you have IPFW running?  If so, you are probably denying those packets.

Are all of your netmasks the same?  If not, that could be the problem.

I assume these IPs have not been assigned to you.  It is better practice to
use reserved addys.  10.x.x.x is all yours, do with it what you will.

Joe Pepin

Joe Pepin
Network Systems Engineer
Security Practice
Lucent NetCare Professional Services
“The Knowledge Behind the Network”
The views/opinions expressed above are not
necessarily those of my employer, but they
probably should be.

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      I'm going a bit nuts. I have a 3 computer intranet in my room. 2
machines are win95 and 1 is FreeBSD 3.2. They are connected via 10BaseT UTP
at a Linksys hub. Heres my problem:

I can't ping the windows machines at all, and the windows machines can't
the FreeBSD machine. The windows machines can ping each other. To make
more complicated, when I run tcpdump I can see the attempts from the windows
machines on the BSD box with the proper ips. Heres the output from tcpdump
when I ping BSD:

12:37:26.618523 > icmp: echo request
12:37:28.102603 > icmp: echo request
12:37:29.120196 > icmp: echo request
12:37:30.135294 > icmp: echo request

Why isn't the BSD box responding? The computers are seeing each other, but
not at the same time. Do I need to do routing even though they are directly
connected on the same hub?

Thanks in advance!

Alex Teslik
Someday I'll kick this crappy address and service. Too far from phone
for DSL. doh.

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