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Date:      Sun, 01 Oct 2006 23:54:41 -0300
From:      "Marc G. Fournier" <>
To:        Paul Schmehl <>,
Subject:   Re: BSDStats 4.0 - You need to upgrade ...
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Yes, most definitely ... port will always have the latest version, I just copy 
it up to the web site afterwards for "the other BSDs" :)

Sorry for the confusion ...

--On Sunday, October 01, 2006 21:09:52 -0500 Paul Schmehl <> 

> Marc, is the port no longer being maintained?
> --On October 1, 2006 8:12:05 PM -0300 "Marc G. Fournier"
> <> wrote:
>> IMPORTANT! This message has been blind-carbon-copied to you.
>> Do not reply-to-all or forward it without the author's permission.
>> Apologies for the multi-list post, but I've been receiving several
>> requests from varous *BSD users about this, so figured I'd hit everyone
>> in one fell swoop ...
>> First, for those that aren't aware, back in August, after some lengthy
>> discussions on the FreeBSD mailing lists, I built a script that is meant
>> to provide a means of building up usage metrics for the *BSD operating
>> systems ... something that refreshes itself mountly (ie. periodic
>> monthly script in FreeBSD) so that it isn't "who installed *BSD", but
>> "who is currently running *BSD" ...
>> The results of this work can be seen at
>> This is not a "FreeBSD is better then ..." sort of thing, although some
>> wish to see it that way ... the point is to get an idea of how many are
>> running *BSDs to show vendors (both software and hardware) that we
>> aren't just a bunch of hobbiest, but are viable market that they should
>> be addressing.
>> Since we started this, we've hit two hurdles that had to be addressed by
>> upgrading the script in such a way that makes the older ones unable to
>> be used for reporting ...
>> If you are running the script, please make sure that you are running the
>> *newest* version, which is available at:
>> For those paranoid about running stuff like this ... its a shell script,
>> and there is nothing 'hidden' or 'covert' about it ... it sends in what
>> operating system, what version and what architecture you are running ...
>> we do not store your IP or hostname in the database, everything is key'd
>> off a key you send in on first connection, and a token we send back ...
>> after that first run, unless you remove the token file from your server,
>> it will repeatedly use the same key/token pair ...
>> And, the script is meant to be run monthly ... we are looking for long
>> term usage numbers, not a 'point in time' sort of thing ...
>> So, if you haven't downloaded and upgraded to the newest version, please
>> do and run the script when finished to get your host into the system.
>> If you have any questions, please email me directly ...
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