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Date:      Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:05:47 -0600
From:      James Earl <>
To:        Martin <>
Subject:   Re: XFree86 problem when on battery and AGP/ACPI
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On 09/10/03 08:56:19, Martin wrote:
> Am Di, 2003-09-09 um 19.53 schrieb James Earl:
> > When the system freezes up, the mouse does move, but jumps slowly
> from
> > place to place, and the HDD light flashes occasionally.
> >
> > If I remove 'device agp' in the kernel, everything works fine (with
> > ACPI enabled), or if I disable ACPI everything works fine (with AGP
> > enabled).  My guess would be an ACPI problem... and everyones
> probably
> > saying just disable ACPI!  :)
> >
> > Has anyone had a similar problem?
> Yes. Similar. I have a Thinkpad R40 running current, too.
> I don't know if removing ACPI and/or agp solves the problem. I will
> check soon. I also don't know if the problem occures only on
> battery.

I'm beginning to wonder if removing ACPI and/or AGP solves the problem  

I shutdown and restarted XFree86 over 20 times with both ACPI and AGP.   
I was beginning to think it was fixed... then it froze up right when my  
confidence was high! :|

So it seems very unpredictable on my system at least.

> (Btw: in the i386/conf/NOTES file you will see the comment that one
> should not load agp as module when using radeondrm:
> # mga requires AGP in the kernel, and it is recommended
> # for AGP r128 and radeon cards.
> )

I've never loaded agp as a module.  I've either built the kernel with  
or without agp support.  I've also built the kernel with and without  
radeondrm - no apparent difference.

> After running XFree (Radeon 7500) for a longer time, I cannot
> restart it anymore, because it _seems_ to freeze up the system.
> I have tried to check what happens and managed to login with ssh.
> After running top, I could see XFree eating up the CPU >100%.
> Shutdown from ssh does not work in this situation somehow
> (it does not unmount properly and the XFree display stays
>  frozen, sshd gets killed).
> I have this strange HDD activity, too, as you described above.
> ---
> I guess this all is related to the Radeon 7500 problem. And I have
> a question about it here:
> Is it normal behavior that when starting a second instance of XFree
> (on :1 for example) the Radeon-GLX-extension fails to load? You can
> reproduce it very easily.

This may be the same thing mentioned on (under Todo):

> Martin
> PS.: problems with Radeon 7500 have been already described on
> the freebsd-current mailing list many times.

Currently I don't seem to be having the problem very often... which is  
strange.  It's like my system was just having a bad day or  
something! ;)

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