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Date:      Tue, 7 Feb 1995 20:13:43 -0800
From: (Frank O'Donnell)
Subject:   Recompiling the boot manager
Message-ID:  <>

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Having recently installed FreeBSD 2.0 on the second of two IDE 
drives in a 486, I was interested in recompiling the boot manager 
so I wouldn't have to type in "wd(1,a)/kernel" every time I 
started the machine.

After finding the /usr/src/sys/i386/boot/biosboot/boot.c file and 
changing the "part = unit = 0;" line to a "part = 0;" line and a 
"unit = 1;" line (I just wanted to point it to this drive rather 
than determining whether the BIOS returned reliable info or not), 
the next steps I took were educated guesses rather than based on 
solid information.  Seeing a Makefile in this same directory, I 
executed "make", which resulted in a lot of extra files including 
a boot1 and a boot2.  I then tried variations on a 
"disklabel -B wd0d" to install either or both of these files, 
which resulted in various errors.

Was my procedure to compile the boot manager correct?  And what 
exactly do I need to execute to install it on wd0?  (And, do I 
need to install both boot1 and boot2, or just one of them?)

Thanks for any help,


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