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Date:      Fri, 15 Oct 1999 18:41:07 EDT
Subject:   can't ping win95 machine
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>Do you have IPFW running?  If so, you are probably denying those packets.

I'm not running IPFW.

>Are all of your netmasks the same?  If not, that could be the problem.

Yes, everything is set for Class C (

>I assume these IPs have not been assigned to you.  It is better practice to
>use reserved addys.  10.x.x.x is all yours, do with it what you will.

I was using 192.168.x.x, but in Complete FreeBSD it mentioned routing 
problems with that addressing. I havn't set up any routing, but just for 
"safety" I reset my network to 200.200.x.x. I hadn't heard of 10.x.x.x being 
reserved, so I think I'll switch to that.

In the meantime, still no luck getting the BSd machine to ping the win95 
machine, and vice versa. This is making me crazy. If I read anymore....

Alex Teslik

>>      I'm going a bit nuts. I have a 3 computer intranet in my room. 2 
machines are >>win95 and 1 is FreeBSD 3.2. They are connected via 10BaseT UTP 
at a Linksys >>hub. Heres my problem:
>>I can't ping the windows machines at all, and the windows machines can't 
ping the >>FreeBSD machine. The windows machines can ping each other. To make 
things >>more complicated, when I run tcpdump I can see the attempts from the 
windows >>machines on the BSD box with the proper ips. Heres the output from 
tcpdump >>when I ping BSD:
>>12:37:26.618523 > icmp: echo request
>>12:37:28.102603 > icmp: echo request
>>12:37:29.120196 > icmp: echo request
>>12:37:30.135294 > icmp: echo request
>>Why isn't the BSD box responding? The computers are seeing each other, but 
not >>at the same time. Do I need to do routing even though they are directly 
connected >>on the same hub?
>>Thanks in advance!
>>Alex Teslik
>>Someday I'll kick this crappy address and service. Too far from phone 
company for >>DSL. doh.

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